We offer you the pleasure of immersion in Italy’s beauty and music, allowing you to get to know its culture in depth. Cool Tour don’t offer you just a tour, we offer you an experience. Our tours allow selected visitors to be in contact with magical moments to remember for ever .Rome in unique ways, giving them access to splendid palazzi and hidden gems, with the Eternal City’s sounds echoing in wonderfully frescoed halls and churches, leading them deep into Italian culture and historical music tradition: a truly three-dimensional adventure.

This Musical Tour of Rome leads visitors on a journey through Rome’s hidden artistic palazzi and churches, to the city’s musical heart, with recitals and international classical concerts. Whether you choose a one-day, two-day or week-long plan, our tours are always individually tailored, custom selected for you to discover the city’s real sound and musical culture.
But no matter which of our tours you choose, one thing will never change: in every moment, we want you to feel at home. You are our special guest, and we want to show you the best of our music and art in a personal tour, through Italian music, popular songs, jazz or opera. This is what Cooltours proposes to you: to discover, far from the beaten paths, all the beauty and feeling of our city. Our tours wind up with a typical Italian lunch or dinner in a Michelin-starred Roman restaurant. Choose your very own personalized Tour of Rome today, and you’ll have a unique, fantastic time to remember forever.