Project Description

The roman singer Ezio Baiocco and his wife Antonella, the most importants stonellatori (traditional romans songs) that still remains in Rome will let you to know the real Roman way of been. Their songs with a mix of romanticisim and pain for the lovers bertrayed , and the confrontation of the lovers are the tipical Meaning of Roman traditions of all times. Not many stornellatory are surviced but this young couple have decided to dedicate only t this kindof song to eep the tradition. adn this have permeted lthen to win many Festivals and prices in Italy cause in Rome the tradition of the “Canzone romana” create the lightheartedness and happiness atmosfere that caracterize the popular Roman’s parties are very important. From “Arrivederci Roma”, to “Barcarolo Romano” and “Quanno a Roma una maschietta ti vo’ bene” are only some songs of their funny show.

Ezio Baiocco anda Antonella, singers and theatrical actors. The impress us with the tipical songs n which man and woman . They impress us and let us dive into fun and tradition with their the passional hostility show between a man and a women, in a sign of deep love.