Project Description

You would have the pleasure to  explore the “Parco della Musica” Auditorium, Rome’s most important concert complex to the hand of a musician of its famous orchestra or an expert architech. Designed by well-known Italian architect Renzo Piano, building the structure, he made a wonderful discovering you would have the possibility to look: the foundations of an ancient villa and oil press dating from the 6th century BC and to discover the roman site that now the Auditorium covers  and other archaeological treasures  displayed  in the museum area.

Sinopoli’s Hall and Petrassi’s Hall  for the excellence of its construction and the acoustic flexibility of its halls  are able to cover the differents sonority or musical scene demand from World Music International Auditorium. In adittion, during  summers we could enjoy music in the Cavea External Area and enjoy its gardens. During the  winter, instead, a hot choccolate before joining a concert,  we can take buy a book in the bookshop where you can even find many operas and musical cd’s ,  or in fact often even ice skating. Usually it hosts over two million spectators, making it the second most visited cultural venue in the world, after the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City.