Project Description

Italian traditional music is a term for defining all the traditional music of the Italian Peninsula, because for the sake of the history of Italy, for centuries divided into several small states, there is not a single common traditional music, so they reflect the position Where they reside: south of Europe and the center of the Mediterranean Sea: Arab, African, Celtic, Persian, Venetian, Latin, and Slavic influences.

To date, traditional Italian music is often divided into different spheres of influence.

Celtic and Slavic influences on choral and group projects in the north, contrasting with the Greek, Arab, and African sordid monodies of the south. In central Italy, these influences are combined, while indigenous traditions such as narrative and sung songs remain. Traditional Sardinian music is also distinct from the rest of Italy, and is known for its polyphonic tenor singing.

We will take you into an experience of very different scenes, that Italian musical scenario can offer to you from North to South.