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We can arrange other customized courses with professionals and craftsmen of food,
local people with relevant and important experience in the field of food and
beverage.We can arrange other customized courses with professionists and artesans of food,
local people with relevant and important experience in the field of food and

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Make pizza in the oven with our professional pizza chef, called pizzaiolo. You will learn how to make tender, flexible yeast dough that stretches to almost paper-thinness, even the trick for a flavorful yet light tomato sauce. Even if you bake pizza in your own oven, these techniques are universal and using them really makes a difference. With the pizzaiolo, you’ll make your very own pizza, you’ll stretch it, sauce it, bake it, slice it. It will be the best pizza you ever tasted, and you made it yourself! Come to make pizza in Florence!

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After Pizza it’s time for Gelato! The chef will tell you why gelato remains Italy’s favorite dessert while giving an insight to the ‘gelato culture’ that continues to grow. Through a demonstration, you will get to know the basic raw ingredients, how to select the best products available according to specific principles and you will have a presentation and tasting of some of the flavors used in gelato making. You will learn about the development and application of natural colors, the heating and freezing techniques and how they have different effects on ingredients. It is always a great day to discover the recipe of the world most loved dessert!

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This activity is strongly recommended for families that wish to have children learn about the Italian culture, an easy and fun experience that will last forever in their memory.


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Half day course and final tasting . min 6 pax max 12 pax
Frequency: to arrange on request