Project Description

«Rhythm, improvisation and an extraordinary talent. Despite its cradle is in the USA, jazz meets the favors of critics and the public even in Italy, pushing different artists to success. Here are some of the best Italian jazz musicians around. »Our journey today brings us to know some of the most important Italian jazz musicians, a category that perhaps not everyone knows, but that many appreciate; let’s start by saying that Jazz was born in the 1920s and at the beginning it was mainly characterized by combinations of African musical elements; later, however, even Italian emigrants will be an integral part of its development. For example, sifting through the history of this genre, we discover that one of the first Italian jazz musicians was Nick La Rocca, an emigrant born in the province of Trapani. Just to remember some we talk about Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Stefano di Battista and many others who now form part of the international music scene but who first blend into the streets of music. All grew up playing and experimenting in the small boite or squares of the city. And it is there that we will find them to listen to the excellent music that they offer us and that only a lucky few can find we want you to be one of these lucky to discover this particular characteristic of the musical art of Rome, a reserved and hidden but very much enjoy the city: the jazz nights of Rome.