Project Description

Flanked by experts and musicians, our visitors have a unique opportunity to visit Rome’s marvelous Opera House, and sit in on an opera session or preparatory concert. They will discover how an artist goes about creating an opera, and delight in being part of the musical magic. The building itself will be toured alongside an expert, so that we can learn about the beginnings of this important theater. The “Teatro dell’Opera” was originally known as “Teatro Costanzi”, after its contractor, Domenico Costanzi (1810 – 1898), who financed it and commissioned it to Milanese architect Achille Sfondrini (1836 – 1900), a specialist in building and renovating theaters. The Opera House was completed in 18 months, and was inaugurated on 27 November 1880, with a performance of Rossini’s Semiramide.