Project Description

Each year, it is not uncommon for Italy to find itself at the top of a number of wine-related lists, not the least of which ranks it as the largest producer, exporter and consumer of wine in the world. This fact is all the more impressive when you consider that Italy is not a very large country – indeed it is less than three-quarters the size of California. Even considering the roughly 8 billion bottles of wine it produces each year, the country manages to stay true to wine styles that go back four thousand years. As a result, Italy not only has more local grape varieties than any other country, but it also has some of the most distinctive wines on Earth.





One of the major considerations with Italy’s unique wine style is the wide range of diverse cultures that exist throughout its twenty wine regions. Each of these cultures has a robust sense of pride that translates directly into wine making. At best, understanding Italian wine is intimidating, at worst it seems all but impossible.
For real wine lovers and connoisseurs to discover the variety of styles given by the
local territories, meet the wine makers, walk in the vineyard, taste and relax.
3.1. Wine tour in the neighborhood of Rome , half day tour in a canteen and
lunch at a local restaurant . min 10 pax max 20
Starting price: 30€ /person (lunch not included – to estimate)
Not included: transport from Rome to destination , to estimate
3.2. Wine tasting with a sommelier in an historical wine shop of Rome
(2 hours tasting and explanations)
Starting price: 30€ /person . min 10 pax max 20
Frequency: to arrange on request

Come with us and you will have the possibility of visit a canteen and make a stop at a local restaurant and wine tasting with a sommelier in an historical wine shop of Rome